Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shoujo Manga for Men?? Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Anime Review

Here’s another romantic comedy anime I’ve watched very quickly (for some reason I’m watching a lot of these lately, must be the sadness of a tough breakup), yet again, it’s another one not completely aimed towards women, I think men will enjoy it as well (actually to be honest, in some ways I think it’s more directed towards male audiences than to female ones).

The main story focus around a girl named Chiyo, who is in love with a mangaka of Shoujo Manga named Nozaki, and her inability to properly express her feelings towards him(and his oblivious nature to everything around him regarding love matters, even though when love is actually what he portrays all the time in his manga works).

Chiyo is a cutiepie

During the course of the series, Chiyo becomes his assistant, and hopes to get closer with him to the point where she’d be able to confess to him properly what she feels. Meanwhile, we get introduced to other characters, such as the other assistants, and their romantic interests. Everyone with issues of their own, and very accentuated personalities and character traits.

Weirdos. Weirdos everywhere

It feels reminiscent of School Rumble in its themes, but a lot more muted and soft. It’s definitely not as wild, and sadly not as funny (most of the comedy revolves around the same type of gag, mostly due to the odd personalities of the characters), but it is entertaining and very watchable. I found myself watching a few episodes at a time since they were really easygoing(if that makes any sense – but in order to explain a bit in more detail: I mean they don’t make you think too hard, there is no really complex drama going on or conflict. Everyone is pretty much on the same side. Basically a slice of life who’s ultimate objective is to make its viewers smile).

The same gag over and over again. Gets old.

Sometimes it becomes very predictable as Nozaki’s ability to see what is really going on around him (the same could be said about other characters), and it kind of goes nowhere in character development really, so in that sense it is quite disappointing (specially the ending).

You should watch if:

If you were looking for other anime about mangaka’s and their work (as it was what I was looking for coming after finishing Bakuman).

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