Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mangaka Harem - Mangaka to Assistant San Anime review

A comedy series I watched after finishing Bakuman(once again since I loved Bakuman, I was looking to satisfy my hunger for animes about making manga).

Nothing better than to fondle your breasts in front of your boss in the first day of work.

Tells the story of Aito, a complete pervert who is the Mangaka and about his beautiful assistants, that have to deal with his crazy personality. Some of the personalities are so over the top, they are actually quite interesting. There's a lot of really funny moments, even tho most of them are kind of expected and somewhat cliche.  There is no real character development or plot, as most episodes are very loose(some episodes are basically a set of very short funny comedy sketches), but you get glimpses here and there about some of the characters motivations or back stories which allow the characters to become more fleshed.

It's not what it looks like!

Aito seems to be in love with all of his assistants, but mainly with Ashisu and Mihari(honestly i cannot discern which one he likes the most). His personality is probably the most interasting thing in the series, as it's so out there and exaggerated, but mainly because he can be so weirdly feminine(in a very funny way). Ashisu being an assistant who cannot get her manga right(because she has bad taste), and Miharu being Aito's editor(who was in love with him since school times) can be very ruthless with him as she has grown used tho his crazy actions. Then you have the other assistants, and the editor-in-chief, who is another weirdo.

She needs to pee. No Seriously.

While there is not really much to say about these series as it is not plot focused(and honestly, they don't explain anything about the process of making manga either), I definitely had a nice time with it.

You should watch if:
You are interested in watching a no-brainer-short-to-the-point harem comedy and getting a few laughs out of it.

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