Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thickest eyebrows in anime history - Ore no Monogatari aka My love story Review

I can't say i usually watch Shoujo anime or manga, but I watched this one since it was in the list of similar shows to Bakuman.

So fa I've watched 21 episodes(the first 12 in one sitting, which is quite a lot for me). It manages to be quite entertaining for guys (as i am assuming it is also for girls), and I really appreciate the fact it doesn't beat around the bush and doesn't spend too much time with some (unfortunately usual) anime/manga drama of the main characters being misunderstood or too shy to actually develop the story quickly. Things do happen and with the right speed. Which means the storyteller is able to invest all the extra time creating new-unseen situations that are usually handled in a very realistic, and most of the time, interesting way.

Reminds me of a small classmate girl I had in Highschool who was dating this super tall guy. These things do exist.
Most of the characters are unusually well developed and deep in this series, which is a win win situation. I was really surprised to see some of the minor characters get a lot of attention, and the main 3 being really well-thought and evolving. There are some funny moments (namely with Suna) that i found myself laughing quite a bit, which is very interesting as I thought at the beginning he wasn't going to be one of the likable characters for me, but he actually won me over without changing his personality at all. 
Someone will have nightmares over this.
One minor annoyance however, is Takeo's constant inner voice saying "I love you" constantly over the episodes, which becomes old really fast, and quite annoying on later episodes. anyways.

Rinka is really cute. Even for anime standards.
If you are in the mood to watch a romantic comedy, by all means check it out. It's no masterpiece. but it's quite nice and entertaining.

You should watch it if:

You are looking for a good and original romantic comedy, with unexpected sincerity in the themes it touches, with realistic characters(well, not all of them, but emotionally they are all quite realistic) and good character development in general.

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