Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Brutal manga about an amusement park inside a prision - Deadman Wonderland Manga Review

I just finished reading Deadman Wonderland Manga. It was pretty good! I own 10 of a total of 12(or maybe 13?) books(the last ones are still unreleased in US soil) and I have to say, it was a slow start, but then it gets more and more interesting. It is by no means an amazing manga, but it is definitely quite nice once all the pieces are in place.

Cute girl tries to kill you. What should you do?

I also need to commend the art, as it's really good(illustrated by the same guy who did Eureka Seven manga: Kazuma Kondou, definitely a very recognizable style, i immediately noticed it wass him.) The characters are extremely expressive and their emotions coming throught the drawings are a joy to watch.

Beautiful Art

The manga follows the story of a boy named Ganta, and of a girl named Shiro(reminiscent of Nyu/Lucy in Elfen Lied, but to avoid spoilers let's leave it at that) whose fate's are intertwined by secrets of the past. After being wrongly accused of a massacre, Ganta is imprisoned in a place named Deadman Wonderland, where he will need to fight other people like him(deadman) in order to survive.
Yes there is.

The series kinda follows some of the old prison movies themes, where people get collars on their neck and they need to behave well or get points in order not to be executed by those collars. It starts out with a kinda very standard revenge premise, but then it develops into something far more interesting and complex as other deadmen are being introduced as well as their pasts. None of them are really very deeply developed(with some exceptions), but just enough you can enjoy and feel somewhat connected with them.

You should read it if:

You wanna read a good (tho slow to get into) story that makes you feel invested in its characters, also if you have interest in reading manga with very high quality art, and if violence doesn't bother you.

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